Stitches- again

“Don’t kill Drew”.

That was the text I received driving home from picking up Z from swimming last night. I quickly remembered sending a message that was almost identical back when Drew broke the ipad, so I was trying to figure out what he broke this time.

Turns out it was his sister.

As I walked in the door I see Hannah standing at the door, and they quickly show me the cut on her head, all thanks to her big brother. Poor guy was actually laying on the floor, crying, and saying “I’m so sorry” over and over. It was a total accident that came out of happy play together, so I couldn’t be mad.

I looked at it hoping it would be fine, but I had to admit that it looked like it needed stitches. Sigh.

Why can’t these things ever happen in the middle of the day? They always seem to happen right at bedtime…

So, we made our way to the ER, and got the confirmation. Yep, stitches.


This girl was a rockstar. No problem for her. I think she rather enjoyed the one on one attention. Oh, and the popsicle.

Me on the other hand, I’m exhausted! 🙂

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