Hannah’s tricks

We are having such a great time learning about our girl. She makes us laugh so many times every day, and our hearts are full at the sight of her smile and the funny things that she does.

This is one of her tricks that we are loving.  She started mimicking Jeff lifting his eyebrows.  (Sorry if you already saw the video.  We are having some technical troubles, so we are posting it again.  🙂 )

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5 Responses to Hannah’s tricks

  1. April says:

    That is hilarious!!!!!

  2. Ed Hill says:

    Hannah is so cute. This is hilarious when she does the eyebrows.

  3. Kelly B says:


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  5. Ryan YONGSHENG says:

    She is so cute!! She is absolutely lucky to be with you. I was born in Henan and attended university at Zhengzhou. Now I’m in Canada but I clearly remember the situation in the rural area where kid might be abandoned because of the gender or health issue. Now it’s better. Thank you soooooooo much for give her an incredible childhood and brand new adventure! God bless you all!

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