Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Yesterday we had a touring day.  We drove several hours to Shao Lin Temple.  We walked around the gorgeous temple that housed over a thousand years of Buddhist monks.

We also went to a Kung Fu show.  I think that is sure to be one of the highlights of Z’s trip.  One of the main performers in the show must have been about 6 years old himself.

Z and his friend practicing their Kung Fu moves

Z the Kung Fu Master

Unfortunately, this long, rainy trip will not be a highlight for sweet Hannah.  We got to hear some crying, thats for sure!

Hannah was a movie star too. I sure wish I knew what the little old ladies were trying to tell me. I just did a lot of smile and nodding!

Like most of us, food cheers her right up. 🙂

A definite highlight for me, Hannah said, “Mama!”.  Oh, melt my heart.

Today, we are driving several hours to visit her orphanage.  I am very eager to see the place that Hannah spent much of her young life, and get to meet some of the women that obviously gave her great care.  I’m hoping the trip is not too hard on Hannah…

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6 Responses to Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

  1. Sarah B says:

    Awwww! Once again, fabulous update! It’s funny, but I am a little jealous because my little guy is 19 months old and still not talking (yes, we are seeking help for that), so I’ve never even heard him say “Mama” despite seeing him nearly every day for the last 19 months! Oh well. Anyway, have a great next leg of your adventure. Looking forward to hearing more!

  2. emily says:

    Z is quite the ham for the camera! 🙂

    I am loving your blogs. Mom and I talk about them a LOT! We are sooooo enjoying this journey right alongside you and are sooooo happy for you!!!!!!!! So much JOY!

    LOVE the photos!!!!!! Thanks to your video man, Jeff, too. 🙂

    Love you!

  3. Karen Naide says:

    How much fun… I’m finding these blog posts to be strangely addictive. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s post brings! Man, the cheeks on that child… I just want to pinch them! How do you resist? So sweet… “Mama.”

    Hey Sarah, you don’t know me, but neither of my kids really started talking until they were almost 2 (less than 10 word vocabulary) and they’ve been making up for lost time ever since. My daughter is now a sophomore and taking all honors classes. So don’t worry about your son! He’ll get there and some day you’ll think, “wow, I can’t believe I was so worried.”

  4. lynn turnage says:

    love love love your posts! Your pix are awesome too! That smile is to die for! SOAK IT UP!!!!

  5. Sarah B says:

    Karen — thanks for your sweet shout out to me! Thank you for your encouragement. I have an older son, too, who was also a later talker, although not as late as this. And, as with your kiddos, he never stops talking now! (He is 4). So I am not super worried about the little one, but just eager to start hearing his little voice and for him to be better able to communicate his needs to us. Thanks again so much!!!!

  6. The Church Family says:

    What an amazing adventure! We think Hannah has such a beautiful smile. We are so excited to see you all!

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