She is officially ours!

Our big event from yesterday was going back to the Civil Affairs office to make the adoption official. It was a much different mood in the room this time, with everyone happily with their babies, and walking up one by one to receive their certificate. At this point, Hannah is officially ours in the eyes of the Chinese government! Hooray!!

From there, we went to a notary office, where we all had to fill out some paperwork to be notarized which we will have to take with us to the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou.

Our afternoon activity was going to the Chinese version of Wal-Mart. This one was called the Lotus Center. It was an interesting experience, for sure! We were able to find the essentials that we needed, but we decided to pass up the chicken legs and intestines.

Zhengzhou is very different from Beijing. In Beijing, most signs had English writing at the bottom, most people spoke with us in English, and the people who were curious about us were extremely friendly. Here in Zhengzhou, it would be very hard to navigate ourselves around the city. We have had to use more hand gestures to communicate, and when we have been out places, we have been met with more outright staring. It is really interesting. We have also witnessed some of the things that we have heard about China, such as lines really don’t mean anything. Yesterday we waited in line for a table at breakfast for quite a while as people pushed and pushed past us. Somehow we still couldn’t bring ourselves to just push ahead also. 🙂 We are having a great time though. We have loved driving down the roads and seeing a little more of the authentic China than in the big city of Beijing.

We are having a great time getting to know our girl. It is so funny how you can develop expectations on someone’s personality just from pictures. I imagined that Hannah would be really sweet and a bit shy. Ha ha ha, not so much! This girl is pretty outgoing, and wow, she is busy! She also likes to play pretty rough. We are thinking that she is going to be a great match for our D, which is not at all what we expected. 🙂

She still seems to be adjusting wonderfully. She is eating well, sleeping well, and playing happily with us.  She even said, “Dada”. We are madly in love.

This is how she likes her bottle. One hand at the end. 🙂

Hannah sleeps sucking on her blanket. She is able to stuff a LOT of her blanket in there!

One of the only times Hannah slows down is on the bus. It seems to make her nervous, and she hangs on tightly.

Silly girl 🙂

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12 Responses to She is officially ours!

  1. Karen Naide says:

    Yea!!! It’s official… how exciting! Hannh looks like such a cutie, and it’s sweet to see how your son has really taken to her too. Sounds like she’s going to be a Dada’s girl. Enjoy the city, and can’t wait to hear about the next step in your journey!

  2. Stephanie says:

    What a wonderful blessing!!! Congrats to you, Jeff and the family!! Your story warms my heart and is just proof of HIS LOVE everywhere!!! Much love and hugs to all of you!!!

  3. Larken says:

    Ohmysweetgravygoodness! she is ridiculously adorable! I also love the ‘tude; she seems like she’ll be able to handle being the baby of the family just fine. I can’t wait to meet this kid!

  4. April W says:

    Congrats! She is too stinkin’ cute!!! I’m so happy for the two of you and it looks like Z is already an amazing big brother and it sounds like she may be a Daddy’s girl! 🙂

    Thank you for keeping us all up to date, it’s just amazing feeling like we are all there with you.

  5. Amy says:

    How awesome! So excited that it’s official! And that photo of Hannah Min and Z melts my heart – so sweet!

  6. Kelly B says:

    What a phenomenal blessing!!! I just love everything you’ve shared, and can’t wait to meet your lovely new daughter!!

    Safe travels as you bring her home!

  7. Sarah B says:

    Thanks so much for the great update! Your updates are addictive–I am always looking for the next one. That is wonderful that Hannah is doing so well. You all look super happy and I am thrilled for all of you. I bet you can’t wait to get her home to introduce her to the rest of the family! I’m sure you’re missing D and K as well! Blessings for the rest of your travels!

  8. Ann says:

    Thanks so much for posting the pictures and keeping us up to date on everything. It will be wonderful to meet Hannah in person!

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