Girls’ First Day 2014

First day of school, take 2!  The girls have now started Kindergarten and Pre-K.

They are beyond thrilled.  New outfits, Frozen lunch boxes AND shoes, matching braids= smiles all around.

Love these sweet hearts!2014-09-04_0004 2014-09-04_0005


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Z’s Motto


This was what I saw on the wall went I went to visit Z’s 4th grade classroom this week.  It is his personal motto.

He refuses to get a haircut, and he prefers to wear a fleece in the summer heat, but this guy has an incredibly amazing heart. Man I love this kid.

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Back to School

Here it is.  The first day of school.  4th and 2nd grades.2014-08-18_0001 2014-08-18_0002I missed these guys so much today.  They were both really nervous this morning, but came home with great reports.

Z said this morning, “Why did they do this to us? Couldn’t they have given us some warning that summer was ending?!  I mean, it just happened so SUDDENLY!”  I second that!

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Good-bye Summer!

Here it is, the bitter end of summer. :(


I love summer so so much.  I love the long days.  I love not rushing in the morning.  Actually, I love the not rushing most of the time.  I love being able to lay around and snuggle my kiddos in the morning.


I love us all being together.

I love spending time swimming, bike riding, playing outside.

Swim meets.  Tennis practice.  Neighborhood Fun. Best friends.


I love having the time to sit and read and play games with the kids.


I love going to the mountains.


Time.  That is what it all comes down to.  Time for the zoo.  Time for the Children’s Museum.


Time to teach kids how to swim and how to ride a bike without training wheels.  Time for vacation.  Time for rest.  Time to say, “yes, we can do that today”.



At least we have an upcoming trip to China to ease the pain.  Next summer should be a definite adventure!


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Last week our family returned from a trip that I have been wanting to take for as long as I can remember, to Alaska.  It is going to be difficult to put into words how absolutely amazing this vacation was. It will definitely be remembered for a lifetime.

2014-08-16_0009We started out on a cruise with some of our very favorite family.  We enjoyed every minute on the boat.

2014-08-16_0013We saw a Lumberjack show in Ketchican.  The rainiest city in the U.S.2014-08-16_0002 2014-08-16_0001We saw a breathtaking group of whales in Juneau.

2014-08-16_0003 2014-08-16_0004We panned for gold, met an Iditarod Musher, and got to play with sled dog puppies in Skagway.2014-08-16_0007 2014-08-16_0006 2014-08-16_0005

We were overwhelmed with our views of mountains and glaciers.

2014-08-16_0012We enjoyed good food, but mostly good company.


After the cruise we took a land tour through Denali State Park.

It was too cloudy to see Mt. McKinley (Denali), but the views were still incredible.


We ended the trip in Fairbanks.  This trip was absolutely a dream come true.  It made our summer!2014-08-16_0011


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