Happy Year of the Sheep!

 Gong Xi Fa Cai!


We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year this year.

2015-02-23_0003 2015-02-23_0004I know that incorporating Chinese tradition and culture into our family life is vitally important, and I am always looking out for opportunities to share experiences with other families. Luckily Chinese New Year usually gives us options to choose from, which is wonderful. This year we met a lot of new families that looked a lot like ours.

We shared a meal, made crafts, and enjoyed firecrackers. We all went home with Chinese lanterns and red envelopes.

2015-02-23_0005 2015-02-23_0001Sadly, I didn’t have my good camera, so I had to just go with iphone pictures. Definitely my biggest regret. All of the children were so beautiful in their Chinese silks. :)

Happy New Year!

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Celebrating Kai

This was a big weekend for our sweet boy.  First of all, he turned 3!

It is such a gift to us that we have pictures of each of his birthdays.2015-02-16_0007


He totally “got it” that it was his birthday. He was asking for weeks if his birthday was coming soon.

He told us things that he wanted for his birthday, and requested pizza. It was so fun being able to meet all of his 3 year old requests.2015-02-16_0002

The day after his birthday we celebrated his baptism.2015-02-16_0004


Zac and Drew and my dad all participated in the service, making it that much more special.

Kai was fantastic. Charming as always.2015-02-17_0001

We were so happy to be surrounded by so many of our favorite friends and family.2015-02-16_0008

After church we celebrated with a true party. He didn’t know how to blow out his candles, which gave us all a good laugh.2015-02-16_0005

He quickly got into the idea of presents though.  With each one he opened he looked at me and said, “for me!!”2015-02-16_0006

2015-02-17_0002I think this little guy loved being the center of attention this weekend. The saddest point came at the end of the party when he asked, “Kai’s birthday is coming soon?.” I told him that no, his birthday was over now. Oh how I broke his heart.

Happy birthday, our precious boy!  We love you like crazy!!!!


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Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of my favorite little loves!!2015-02-13_00052015-02-13_0001





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Back To Life

4 out of 5 kids back to school today.  Sigh.  The house is weirdly quiet.  Okay that part is a little bit nice.  A LITTLE.  I would still rather have my kids all home any day than have a quiet and temporarily clean house (okay that part is kind of nice too.)

It was truly a great break.  One of the best parts was seeing Kai bond with the other kids. They have all been in school the majority of the time since he got home. This was the first time that he had an extended period of time to just be with them, and I saw wonderful things happen.

He started initiating play with them. He made jokes with them and laughed himself silly. He seemed to feel much more confident being more than a few feet away from me, and got lost in play with his brothers and sisters.

Another beautiful step toward weaving all of our hearts together into a forever family. The sad thing is that now I think he misses them too. Even though there were several days that he was dressed up like a princess, I think he loved every minute. I know I did.

Happy New Year!

2015-01-06_0002 2015-01-06_0003

Ringing in the new year with 15 dear kiddo friends.  What could be better than that?



Back to the carpool life. :(


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Christmas 2014

I feel embarassed that I am having to catch up on almost of month of happenings. Unfortunately being a mom of five kids during the holiday season didn’t leave me a lot of free time to blog.

Busy certainly was the word of the season.  I was trying my best to soak up the millions of precious moments though.  Going to try to remember a few.

Kaitlyn was Mary in her kindergarten Christmas program.  She didn’t actually have any lines, but she was so proud of her role.  Apparently she took it so seriously that the other kids asked her teacher if these two were actually getting married. :)2015-01-03_0001

Four of our kids were in the church pageant.  As usual, it was one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

Zac did an amazing job as Joseph.  Poor Drew was a Roman soldier, and almost had a panic attack when it was his turn. He got through his part, but I don’t think acting is going to become a hobby for him. Kaitlyn was the Angel of the Lord, and brought us a lot of laughter during her practices as she said her lines with an unusually heavy southern accent, emphasizing Christ the “Lawud.” :)

2015-01-03_0008 2015-01-03_0007 2015-01-03_0005 2015-01-03_0004Kai was excellent in the audience, but was excited to come check out the baby Jesus after the service. :)2015-01-03_0006I took this pic exactly one year after our kids opened the present that held a small stocking that told them that Kai Yi was coming to join our family. My heart was overflowing thinking about the significance of that moment and seeing them all together now.2015-01-03_0003

Christmas morning was filled with joy. Kai got past his feelings about Santa, and decided that big guy was alright after all.2015-01-03_0002Our home was filled with family throughout the day.  We are all so blessed to have our family so close by, and to have cousins that are as close as siblings. It makes special days that much more special.

2014 was absolutely a wonderful one for our family.  I am so very thankful. Excited about what 2015 will bring for this circus. Resolution #1: Make sure I blog about it!


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