Our First Day with Kai

We knew that someone from Little Flower would be picking us up from our hotel at 9:15 am.  We didn’t realize that Kai would be there, along with his foster mother and foster sister.  Luckily it was a surprise that we were ready for, just in case, and we were prepared with the camera.

He was understandably apprehensive, of course.  But there are no words to explain what it felt like to take him into my arms for the first time.2014-10-24_0001 2014-10-24_0002We rode with Kai back to his foster home.  He became more confident in his familiar setting, and these brothers quickly began to bond.2014-10-24_0008 2014-10-24_0007 2014-10-24_0005His foster mother made lunch for us all.  It was clear that Kai is used to being the center of attention, and he certainly hammed it up for us.

2014-10-24_0006We were warned that Kai is very scared of “beards”.  This seems to mean that he is actually afraid of men.  He had very little interaction with men before he moved into this foster home with this foster dad (who he is clearly attached to).  So, Jeff is going to have to move a little slower with Kai than he would like.  I have a feeling when we get him alone though that it isn’t going to take him long to become best buddies with his new daddy.

2014-10-24_0004So, our first day is complete.  Many of my initial nerves have faded, but new ones have also emerged.  Bringing home a 2 1/2 year old boy who has been the total center of attention is going to be a very different ball game than bringing home our 1 1/2 year old Hannah, who had never had enough attention.  I know that he is going to have to grieve, and I expect that it is going to be really hard.2014-10-24_0009We are ready though.  Our hearts have begun to be knitted together into a true forever family.  It will take some time, but we are definitely on our way!

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Here We Go!

We are now 30 minutes away from being picked up go to Little Flower.  I am shaking from nerves.  There are really no words to express the emotions that are flying through me as we get ready to meet our son.  It is a moment that is so huge that I can’t fully process it. I have moved into auto-pilot.

10 more minutes!  Presents are packed for all of Kai’s foster siblings and foster parents. Presents are packed for Kai.  Donations are ready for Little Flower.

I can’t believe this is actually happening.  I can remember so well the feelings that went through me when I first saw his gorgeous face.

I remember my apprehension as I tentatively showed Jeff his picture several months later.

I savored every mention of him on the Little Flower blog and facebook page.

I was thrilled when I told my family about him and they encouraged us to go for it.

I was encouraged so many days when my children talked about him with joy and eagerness.

So many months of wishing, hoping, praying.

All coming down to today.

7 minutes now.

Here we go!

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The Great Wall 2014

We had a wonderful first day in China.  The air is thick with smog, but we still enjoyed our climb on the Great Wall.  It is a challenging climb, with stairs of all varying heights the entire way, but it is an awesome and incredible experience.  So glad I got to share it with some of my favorite guys.

2014-10-23_0004 2014-10-23_0005


2014-10-23_00032014-10-23_00022014-10-23_0007After our Great Wall adventure we were taken to the largest Jade factory in Beijing.  We enjoyed seeing intricate pieces of art and jewelry made out of jade, and we watched some of the artists carefully carving pieces.2014-10-23_0001Tomorrow morning we will go visit Little Flower for the day, and meet our boy.  My stomach has fairly constant butterflies now!


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Made it!

We finally made it to Beijing!


The trip was LONG, but altogether smooth, and we were so proud of our guys for hanging in there.  We made it to the hotel at about 9:30 last night, and we were all thankful for the 2 little beds in our room.


Today we are off to the Great Wall!

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We Are Off!

Here we go!  2014-10-21_0004

We are literally sitting in the airport waiting to board the plane for the first leg in our journey to get our little guy.

Our hearts are full with all of the loving support we have had over the last few days.  My wonderful friends even surprised me with a “100 Wishes Quilt” for Kai.  I was so touched by all of the loving messages that were sent with all of the carefully chosen fabrics.  It is truly a gift that will be treasured always!


It was the perfect finishing touch for his room.  I can’t wait to have that sweet guy home to see it!


It was a hard goodbye for me with these sweet girls.  They will be in wonderful, loving hands, but oh my heart is aching. This is the paper chain that I made for them to be able to count down the days until we get home.  I can’t wait for those hugs!


Next post will be from Beijing, China!


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