It took me a day of full and total exhaustion before I could get back here to say that we are home!!

On Wednesday morning I had some concerns and we had to spend a couple of hours back at the hospital. Luckily we got the green light, and we climbed in the car around lunchtime for what turned out to be a 10 hour drive.

It feels amazing to be home! Kai is improving every day, and really wants to do more than I will let him do right now, since I think his body still needs to be resting and recovering.

He has had a few moments of frustration adjusting to having 4 siblings again, after so many days of having me to himself. Those things like having to wait a minute for me to do something, or having to share are just HARD. 🙂

2016-05-13_0001He has also had a bit of a hard time adjusting to eating at home again. He had to go NINE days without eating, so I was pretty lenient with what I let him have for those last couple of days in Ohio. I realized this has come back to haunt me this morning when I gave him his breakfast and he asked me where his chocolate was.  Oops!

So now we will enjoy some time with our circus. Missed them so crazy much!!!

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