A guest post from Drew- age 9 (After learning about how a bill becomes a law. Although he missed the part where he can’t actually introduce a bill himself. Details….)


I┬ámade this tonight and I am giving it to my teachers. Hi, my name is Drew, and i don”t like HOMEWORK!!!!!!!

Homework stinks, and i decided to make this bill so i don”t have to waist my time doing HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOMEWORK is so bad i think it needs to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOMEWORK is made to be mean!I think this bill should be a law because it hurts people brains.It needs to be a law so then it will not bother peoples brain.:):)

(Sidenote: I definitely help him with his homework. Every. Single. Day. I don’t know where this claim of “no help” is coming from!)

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