Goodbye China!

We have officially spent our last day in China. The suitcases are packed, and we will leave for the airport in a few hours.  I can’t believe it. I feel like this trip has been an eternity, and yet I feel like it has flown by.

It was absolutely a life impacting trip for all of us. Words just can’t express everything that I am feeling right now.


Now it is time to bring this cute guy home to meet his sisters. That is definitely a moment that I have been waiting for!

Still, I have a lot of emotions about taking Kai out of the country of his birth. He certainly will have many advantages living in the United States, but it will never be the same.  It is not the place where he was born, and he will not be surrounded by his native culture. He will have to come to a place where everyone sounds different and every singe aspect of his life is different.

Adoption is a wonderful thing, and our hearts are certainly full from the blessings that it offers, but it still begins with a story of loss. Kai has already lost so much, and he is about to lose so much more.

Still, he is gaining the love of a forever family. He is too little to comprehend what that means, but someday he will. And we will be loving him every step of the way.


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3 Responses to Goodbye China!

  1. su says:

    Emily, I am so pleased for you all, especially now that you ate going home. I have been folllowing your long journey of precious love, eagerly waiting for your next post everyday! Its been so exciting and heart warming all at the same time. Last night I decided to go back and re-reead your bloggs from the “binging of time”…..and oh my oh my…. I cant even begin to describe all the emotions that ran through me!!. I had goosebumps, was teary eyed sometimes (with sadnessness as well as with joy), i laughed and smiled a lot too but most of all I felt a warm happy feeling inside of me. This really is a circus!!! Its been such a wonderful journey for you all and what an experience! ( especially for the boys…wow..they have gained such valuable experiences through this and I have no doubt that armed with all the experiences youve shared with them, they will grow into fantastic compassionate and loving adults!! I am so glad you started this blogg Emily,(dont know how and when you find the energy or time to do it… supermum…lol) but Im always telling my friends about it and share what I can when I can.. I sincerly hope that one day it will be published into a book so everyone can read it!! You are a special mum..and having dear Jeff beside you (who is special too), makes it all even more special!! Your children are very very lucky to have you as their mum… keep the blogg going, I cant wait to hear how Kai gets on when you get back home and also what his first american /english words are!!! Also would love to know Kaitlyn and Hanna s first meeting with Kai goes… of course they will have missed their big brothers too !! Much love all the way from London

  2. Amy says:

    What a gift it was to follow along on your journey to Kai. Thank you for sharing your heart and allowing others to be part of this life changing time in your family. We are praying for you as you travel home. Leaving our children’s birth country is so bittersweet and yet I am excited for you all as you begin this new chapter that lies ahead! This is just the beginning of great things yet to come. xo

  3. Emily says:

    When you receive this comment, I think you will be HOME! With Kai! 🙂 I cannot wait to see how he reacts to his sisters and to that silly goose Clover. 🙂 He might be a little overwhelmed by her! 🙂
    I appreciate what a wonderful job you do of sharing all of the sides of adoptions–the losses, the grief, the ups, the downs, the blessings, etc.
    In some ways I have been feeling like you have been away forever too, but also feeling a little sad that this is the end of your adoption journey and that this will be your last trip of this particular type to China. Bittersweet.
    Love you!

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