First Week Home

So, we have been home a week.  Home.  Wonderful home.

Our trip home was extremely long, but pretty much uneventful.  Our little guy did a great job on those many many hours on the airplane.

This was the sweetest point of the entire journey.  Seeing all of my kiddos together, and taking them in my arms.  There are just no words.


My sweet girls did such a good job while we were gone for 16 days.  I couldn’t be more proud of them.  Oh, how I missed them.

This week has been a week of adjusting. The fact that traveling to China with 2 children and adopting a third left me with more time to blog than my regular life at home is kind of crazy!

Some things have been hard that I expected to be hard. Sleep.  I think we are just starting to turn the corner on this one, thank goodness, but adjusting to the 13 hour time change is no easy feat! Kai is also scared of the new big bed in his room, so he is sleeping in the pack n play instead.  Oh well.  It has freed a bed for me to sleep in during some difficult nights for him.

Some things have been hard that I didn’t expect, like Kai’s reaction to Clover.  He initially reacted as if we had a dragon in our living room.  It has improved a bit, but is still the major cause of tears in our house.

Some things that I thought might be hard haven’t been.  Kai is eagerly eating anything and everything.  He has fully embraced our American food. He is also picking up English very quickly.  He already seems to understand the majority of what I am saying, and he is mimicking our words throughout the day.

Other things are just coming pretty easily. The kids are all loving their new little brother. Our first week has been full of hugs and laughter. Kai has been so open to all of his extended family, and I think everyone is feeling charmed by his easy smile and adorable dimples.

2014-11-13_00022014-11-13_0004 2014-11-13_0003The other thing that has not been hard is the love.  Every adoption story is not the same, and it can take people different amounts of time to feel like they have fallen in love with their child.  I’m feeling so thankful that this has been one of the easiest parts for me. I adore this sweet little boy, and he is written on my heart as my child. It is a beautiful thing.


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  1. Joe Koufman says:

    The last picture on this post is so, so beautiful. So happy for the entire Hilimire family!

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