An Important Piece of Kai’s Story

Yesterday we went for a long drive to find the small village where Kai was found. Like with Hannah, I carefully considered whether to talk about this. Many people feel like it is such a private part of the adoption story that belongs to the child only, and will not share it. I understand that view completely, and totally respect it.

This is not a fun part of Kai’s past. It is not the same as playing with his friends at Little Flower. This makes us seriously reflect on what it means to be orphaned. To be left, helpless and alone, as a tiny baby.

I choose to share this part of the story because I want people not familiar with what happens every day in China to understand.

In China you have to pay upfront and in full for surgeries. There are so many people who just cannot do this. If they give birth to a baby who needs immediate surgery, as Kai did, or several months down the road, as Hannah did, then they either have to fund it, not have the surgery and watch their child die, or do the most selfless act they can do and abandon their child in a place where they will be find hoping that then their child will receive the care it needs from the government when in an orphanage.

It is a truly broken system. It is heartbreaking for all concerned.

So we will tell our sweet blessings from China that they were loved. We will tell them that their parents did everything in their power to keep them safe, and ultimately loved them enough to give them away in order to give them a chance to live.

And we will pray every day for change so that someday families will not have to face a choice that no one should have to make.



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3 Responses to An Important Piece of Kai’s Story

  1. Virginia Marciano says:

    It certainly is a selfless act of love from the biological parent to the child. One we never take lightly in our home. Always to remember and give thanks to the women who gave life to my boys, for without them I would have none to give a life to.

  2. Amy says:

    What a treasure to have this part of his story to share with him even though it is hard. Thank you for sharing this personal part of your journey to shed light to the darkness that is a reality for so many children in waiting. I love seeing his beautiful smile as a picture of God’s redemption…making all things new…bringing beauty out of the ashes. Continuing to pray for you!

  3. Del Ross says:

    He is such a beautiful, happy boy. Your story today reminds me of the basic truth – that without darkness we would not know light. Kai is certainly a light in the world, and I am so happy for you and Jeff and your children that you are able to be his family.

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