Hannah With Glasses

A couple of weeks ago, Hannah had her yearly well check up.  It was fairly uneventful, except for one thing.  She failed her vision screening.

That took us to the pediatric eye doctor.  After multiple tests the doctor sat down with me.  It turns out that Hannah has a “boatload of astigmatism”.  My poor girl was not seeing well AT ALL! He offered me a box of tissues and said, “I’m about to break your heart”.  I actually had to laugh a little bit about that one.  There are many things that can and do break my heart as a mom, but I am okay with my children needing glasses. 🙂

Today we picked up her new glasses.  I was waiting expectantly for her reaction as she viewed the world clearly for probably the first time in her life. I stood there with the video camera ready.  The tech put on her glasses.  Hannah smiled.

That was about it.  I guess that is the way it is with a three year old.

She has two pairs of glasses now.  Her “Dora” pair that we got in Chicago with Hannah’s Auntie Lynne, and her pink school pair.

How could these glasses break my heart? I think she is adorable. 🙂

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6 Responses to Hannah With Glasses

  1. Ashley says:

    I love love the pink ones! Just as beautiful as ever!

  2. Marie Avon Engelman says:

    I have a 3 year old with glasses, and I was really surprised at how the dr’s acted when they told me Drew would need his too – the way they were acting, I thought he had a tumor or partial blindness or something terrible that couldn’t be fixed with glasses, but after 2 hours of them doing their best to freak me out we learned… he is farsighted. That’s all! We have close friends who are both Optometrist’s and they’ve shared that many parents absolutely freak out that their child will be changed for life – It’s so ridiculous! I was thrilled that my son would be able to see! Besides, I think he looks cool in his Miraflex 🙂

    Hannah looks beautiful – as always!

  3. april says:

    So so cute! I love the picture Emily!!!! She is so adorable!!!

  4. Megan Powell says:

    She looks so cute! That really does seem to be ridiculous to make such a big deal about glasses. I have a couple of kids who wish that they needed glasses, but just aren’t “lucky.”

  5. Amy says:

    Oh my goodness! She is absolutely adorable in her glasses!

  6. Karen Naide says:

    Hey Emily, Jared had to get glasses when he was 4. The school nurse called me after the annual vision screening to say, “I guess you know he has very poor vision in one eye.” Ummmm… no, how was I supposed to know that? He adjusted beautifully to his glasses, and went along quite easily with the eye patches he had to wear over his good eye (forcing the bad eye to get stronger). Some times, I think these things that “break our hearts” are no big deal to the kids. Like Hannah, Jared was just glad to be able to see again!

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