The Story of a Haircut

Today was a big day for Miss K.  She got her very first haircut.

Beforehand she was feeling pretty good about it, and happy to pose for me for her “before” shots.

When we arrived and it was time to sit in the chair, she started having second thoughts.

Then the hairdresser started cutting.  Sweet K was not at all sure this was going to go well.

Finally, she was finished and K got to see it.

At first she was happy, but I think that was mostly relief that it was finished.  Luckily I got this one picture, because she was not willing to let me take many “after” pictures.

By the time we got to the car, we had a lot of this.  She has also been asking repeatedly when it is going to grow back.  Poor girl.  I thought it was going to be me shedding tears watching her baby hair be cut away, but turns out it was K herself.  Awww.

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