Sister Rivalry

I suppose it had to happen sometime.  Our kids fight sometimes, of course, but generally they treat each other very well, and I have always been proud of the loving way they treat each other.

Our boys are truly the best of friends, and are together pretty much every moment we are home.  I am holding out hope that my girls will have the same close relationship, but right now we are having some growing pains.

When Hannah came home, K accepted her with open arms.  Hannah was the first thing she asked about when she opened her eyes in the morning, and she was so thrilled to keep reminding Hannah that they were sisters.  As Hannah has grown and found her own voice, however, it has been harder on K.  Hannah usually wants to play with whatever K is playing with, and K is not loving having to share “her” toys.  More importantly, K is not loving sharing me, which is tough.

Last night I was snuggling with K and she said, “I don’t want a baby anymore.  Let’s find her a new family”.  Although I know that she is so far from the first older sister to say these words, they still stung.

I think that I was prepared for these type of comments last November or December, but it has thrown me that they came 10 months after Hannah came home.

I love you so much my sassy girl, but we are definitely keeping your sister!

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6 Responses to Sister Rivalry

  1. Andrea says:

    So I started to write before and it turned off on me, so you may have two replies from me somewhere. 🙂 But I was saying that I am sure that was hard for you to hear, but so very normal for her to say!! And btw, I know we have a pic of Millie striking that same pose, those two together would be trouble!! 🙂

  2. Lauren Holmes says:

    I remember saying that about my brother when I saw how much attention he required from my mom and I was 10! Sometimes, I still say it about my older sister 🙂 Kidding, but I remember always being jealous of the attention even she required as she went through different spells of requiring more redirection than I did! But I hold no resentment towards my mom now so I’m pretty sure she will be just fine 🙂

  3. Megan Powell says:

    It is so normal, yet still hurts for a mama to hear. Grace told us for months and months that she wished that Nian Wei’s China mom would come back and get him. Now they really are the best of friends. Grace now has a love hate relationship with her baby Zoey, because Z has taken over her mama and is always taking her things and pinching her.

  4. Theresa Whire says:

    My daughter was almost 4 years old when I had her brother. After a day, she asked when we were going to bring him back to the hospital. To this day, they fight off and on, however, enjoy the moments because they pretty soon with become smart and figure out that together….there is strength.

  5. Sheila O says:

    I asked my 4 year old Grandson how he liked his new little brother. He looked up at me and said, “he’s a piece of junk”. I didn’t quite know what to say… Out of the mouth of babes. That was 14 years ago.

  6. Kemie says:

    Don’t forget that the intruder is satisfactorily expelled in “The Three Bears.” Within a great story, little people can live vicariously!

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