One month with Hannah

I really wanted to get this up yesterday, but since my life like now is kind of busy (a.k.a. insanely busy), that didn’t happen.  Regardless, it was a special day around here.  Hannah has been with us for one month!

It has been absolutely wonderful to be with her for the past month.  The love in my heart for this sweet girl is growing by the day, and it is an incredible feeling.

Here are some of the things we have learned about Hannah:


FOOD-  All of the time

Having her small blankets to stuff in her mouth

Emptying all of the kitchen cabinets (I could do without this one)

Carrying a purse

Pretending toys are telephones

Making people laugh with her eyebrow trick


Not having food

Being told no

Sharing Mommy







Thank you

Pat Pat



All in all, this has been such an amazing month.  I am so excited to have her with us for the holidays this year, and to see how she will change and grow in the next few months.  I sure do love this girl!

Hannah doing 2 of her favorite things. Having a snack and pretending to talk on the phone. 🙂


Happy One Month to all of our friends in travel group 1771!!

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  1. Sarah B. says:

    Congratulations! I love all her “likes.” And, hey, who among us enjoys being told “no”? 🙂

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