A finger update

A few days ago we had  K’s follow up appointment with the hand surgeon.  I haven’t had to mentally revisit the “incident” for a while, and in the couple of days before this appointment, I found myself filled with anxiety about it.  I know K has not forgotten it. This poor girl will still hold up her hand for you to see if you say, “where is your boo-boo?”, even if she has just skinned her knee! 🙁

Anyway, the wonderful news was that the surgeon did not recommend doing any surgery to her finger.  Her index finger does have a split through the center of the nail, but she believes it will become less noticeable in time.  She said you will still be able to see something but, “we all have something, right?”.  I liked that kind of logic.

The other problem is that the top section of her middle finger is pointing slightly to the left instead of straight.  The apparent solution to this is for K to wear a splint while she sleeps for the next 8 weeks.  Well, this is night 4.  At this point we are 0 for 3 for wearing the splint.  We have already tried putting the splint on me, my husband, and all of K’s stuffed animals, but she is having none of that nonsense.  She will watch us with it with curiosity, but if you get it near her hand, she starts screaming.  Not the kind of scream you can ignore while you force it on her anyway.  The kind of all out, kicking, thrashing, if you touch me with that thing I am going to faint, kind of scream.

We recently went to Epcot, and in “China”, we were told that she was born in the year of the Ox.  The Chinese man told us, “oh, she is a STRONG baby”.  He  got that right.  She seems to have a strength of body and will that I think will do her well in her life.  It might challenge her parents for a few years, but that is okay. 🙂

Who can stand to make her look like this??

This girl knows what she wants when she wants it. If she doesn't get it, watch out!! 🙂

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  1. Sherry Heyl says:

    As a mom of a teenager, I can tell you it does not get much better. I cannot get my son to wear his retainer! Strong children will always be the masters of their fate. For better or for worse.

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