All nature

Coming back from school the other day, Z tells me that some of the moms brought in cans of soda for his class Halloween party.  Z knows he is not allowed to  have soda, so he put his in his lunchbox, and brought it home to me.

I was so impressed with him, that I went on and on telling him how proud I was.  I told him that I was so proud that I didn’t even know what to say.  He said, “Thats okay, Mommy.  You’re welcome”. 🙂

Meanwhile, the little guy is in the back seat listening to this.  He says, “What about me, Mommy?  Was I good boy too?”.  I looked back as I started to tell him “of course”, when I saw that his mouth was stuffed full of the candy that I had just told him not to eat until we got home.

My mom just told me her new favorite quote, “People who say they believe in nurture over nature only have one child”.  These guys are making me agree with that!

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