Little boys’ random thoughts about girls…

Generally my boys don’t seem to have the “girls have cooties” mindset yet.  They both have very close friends who are girls, which I love. I had thought that they were seeing boys and girls as much the same (except for being miffed about girls’ affinity for princesses).  Recently though, I have seen that this is not quite true.

Z, on the way home from school, was telling me about a great game of “good guys vs. bad guys” that took place on the playground today.  He was jumping up and down excited to tell me about it.  In the midst of it he said, “it was SO great, even the GIRLS  got the hang of it!!”.  Hmm, not liking that.

That reminded me that just a few days ago, my mom was telling D about my brother, “Uncle Mike” liking to cook.  D looked at her and said, “him’s a boy”.  (He hasn’t quite worked out all of his pronouns).  I’m not quite sure how he put together in his mind that boys don’t cook, but honey, I can’t have that.  You are going to be on dinner duty for the next month or so….

The little guy, at 3, still doesn’t quite understand the differences between boys and girls.  Yesterday he was using the bathroom, and wistfully said, “When baby K turns into a boy, she can go to the bathroom just like me” (standing up).  I said, “No, remember boys are always boys, and girls are always girls, so K will never turn into a boy.”  D is always very firm in what he thinks to be true, so he just looked at me and said, “Yes she will.  I was a girl yesterday”.  🙂


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3 Responses to Little boys’ random thoughts about girls…

  1. Brigette says:

    is there a ‘love’ button?! haha i love this! cant wait to see you guys! 15 days!!

  2. Joey says:

    Such great pictures emily!! Great job!!

  3. Kemie says:

    It’s a family trait – being very firm about what we think to be true!

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