My husband is not the man of my dreams…

My husband asked me (jokingly) the other day why I didn’t like him right now.  It was hard to explain to him that I was angry at him for all of the things he keeps doing in my dreams.  I have been having a lot of  bad dreams recently.  Most all of them have revolved around him.  I continue waking up feeling angry, frustrated, and hurt by him, for all of the ridiculous things he keeps doing.

Luckily, these are not things that my husband makes me feel in waking life.  He is the most wonderful, thoughtful, caring person I know.  I feel a little bad that my subconscious is working through some of the stresses of this summer by targeting him.

Thank goodness my husband is not the man of my dreams!!

(Although I have to say, my last dream involved someone stealing my husband’s iPhone, and he cried and cried.  He might actually be the man of THAT dream. 🙂 )

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