Both kinds of fun


Since having a girl, people have asked me how being a mom to a girl is different than being a mom to boys.  Up until now, it has really been very much the same (except for the abundant supply of adorable clothes in every store I walk into).  Lately though, she is doing things that are so fun, but so different than the boys.

First of all, this girl loves shoes.  Many times, I am getting her out of the crib in the morning and she is pointing at her shoes yelling, “shoes, shoes”, until I put them on her.  She also, at only 16 months, seems to have a fashion sense.  She likes to look at a pile of clean laundry, and seems to carefully consider everything before her before pulling one outfit out and trying to pull it over her head.  Needless to say, my boys are not so discriminating.

She has also started to love to play dolls.  All of my children have had dolls, trucks, etc., at their disposal, but in another show of the strength of nature over nurture, she is my first child that has had more than a passing interest in her dolls.  She already loves to rock them, feed them, wrap them in blankets, etc.

The last major difference we are seeing is her love of music.  I know this is not really a gender difference, but it is different between K and her brothers.  K LOVES to dance.  If she hears just a short tune on a commercial, for example, she starts moving.  She can also hum the entire tune to “Elmo’s World”, and “Twinkle Twinkle”.  Since this is our first time having a child who can do that, we might be a little bit too impressed with this talent. 🙂

My aunt told me that when she found out she was pregnant with a boy, after already having a girl, that my grandmother told her, “now you get to have both kinds of fun”.  I am so excited about beginning to see the other side of fun. 🙂


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3 Responses to Both kinds of fun

  1. Kelly B says:

    Em, I’m so glad you’re getting to have ‘both kinds of fun!’ I enjoyed (almost) every phase my kids went through – whether it was dresses, rocks, or trucks – and I know you must be having the time of your life! Just think of all the great stories the kids will be able to tell later . . .

  2. Kemie says:

    Well, your Nana said it AFTER Johnny was born. Back then, we had to wait until babies were born to know what sex they were! But the sentiment is absolutely true!

  3. ehilimire says:

    Sorry, Kemie. I don’t know how I forgot the story of how you found out that you had a boy by the note from John. 🙂

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