For a long time now, my husband and I have joked that our little guy is going to be the one that we will be rushing to the hospital for stitches and broken bones.  He is just such a rough and tumble little guy with pretty much no fear.  Last night, we had our first chance.

The boys were running around the house after dinner while I was changing baby K.  My mother-in-law tells me that she and her siblings were NEVER allowed to run in the house.  We, however, have been somewhat lax about that, and generally if the kids are enjoying each other, we let them.  I may need to be more on top of that now, as the little guy tripped in the dining room, and cut his forehead pretty badly.

As soon as I heard my husband call my name, I knew it was not good, and ran in to see both of them covered in blood.  We jumped in the car, dropped off Z and K with Grandma, and rushed to the Childrens’ Hospital.

Luckily, everything seemed to work in our favor when we got there.  There was no one in the waiting room, and Toy Story was playing on TV.  D seemed to be starting to enjoy himself sitting with both of his parents while volunteers brought him crayons and coloring pages.

We were taken back to a room quickly, and the little guy just sat quietly while they numbed his head, we waited, and they came back to stitch him up.  For a bad looking cut that had a huge amount of blood, it only took 3 stitches.

As we got home, a very concerned Z ran out to check on D.  D yells out, “It was SO fun!  I got a bandaid and a popsicle!” All in all, not such a bad day for a 3 year old.  Not at all a fantastic day for us parents!!

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