Bedtime update

So, I am grateful for all of the advice I have been given about our bedtime struggles.  I am at the point of trying just about anything!  So, yesterday I took my cousin’s advice, and left out the nap.  Since the 2 year old had pushed bedtime all the way to 11:30 p.m. the night before, this was not an easy task.  By late afternoon there were tears about every 15 minutes.  But, we made it.

I declared bedtime at 7:00 (an hour before normal). After our regular routine of books, prayer, etc., I left his room preparing for the worst.  I stood outside his door for just a moment.  He did immediately get out of bed, turned on his light, and began playing.  He wasn’t coming out of the room though, so I decided to give it a few minutes.  He never came out!!!  By 7:20, he was asleep.  He did not get out of bed until 8:15 this morning!!!  Halleluia!

So, I attempting it again today.  I am by no means thrilled about this solution.  How I am going to get through every day with the 3 kids and no down time deeply worries me.  For today, however, I just feel elated to have had a few peaceful hours with my husband last night, and a decent night sleep (as decent as can be expected with an infant anyway). )  We are going to the zoo to celebrate!

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  1. I am so glad that something finally worked, even though it meant that you had to endure a long day without naps and even a little bit of struggling… it may be a matter of trial and tribulation, but you are the perfect mom to do it! I have faith in you!!! And so glad you were able to have a night of some relaxation and rest!!! Love much! xoxo

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