A Pandemic Summer

Well, summer has officially come to a close. As our virtual school came to an end last spring I was very concerned about what summer would look like for us. It seemed like an endless stretch of time where there would be no swim team, no camps, no vacation, no playdates, etc.

As it turned out, it was a pretty fantastic summer. Without all of the business of our normal life we just found joy from spending time together. We were relaxed, and that in itself was incredibly refreshing.

We were able to spend some (carefully planned to be safe) time with a few of our extended family members, and I know that we have never valued that time more than we did this summer. We will never take having dinner with grandparents and cousins for granted again!

We made different memories than our more traditional summers, but precious memories all the same.

After school was officially over these guys decided to have their own classrooms. Playing school was a frequent activity all summer.
We had a few virtual sleepovers with a handful of precious friends and made some interesting new desserts.
Masks all around!
I had to add “hairdresser” to my resume.
Lots of experimental baking and cooking!
Hannah got her ears pierced at the pediatrician. This was supposed to be her birthday present in March. She ended up having to wait until July!
Crazy family games
A new driver in the house!
LOTS of family walks and hikes!
We had a few times to swim together thanks to generous neighbors!
A super fun 4th of July visit with family!
Our own bike parade.
And even an unforgettable talent show!

There were a few movies watched, and a few video games played…

But also there were a LOT of dolls.
A surprising number of teeth were lost. 🙂

We finally got to spend some quality time with cousins, including the newest one!

Whipped cream challenge!
These two cousins adore each other and had missed each other SO much. Nine days together was so good for our hearts!
The kids wrote and produced an original play, “The Scientist and the Popstar”
We made our own water fun.
And we had a handful of outside get togethers with some dear friends. Although very different than “normal times,” spending even a little bit of time with these friends was good medicine to everyone’s hearts and spirits.

Although this summer was not one any of us would have chosen, it will be remembered with joy, and with a deeper appreciation for how much we value the most special people in our lives.

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