Christmas 2016- Part 2 (Picture Overload Edition)

2017-01-03_0022Christmas was all things wonderful.2017-01-03_0020Visits with Santa2017-01-03_0019Shopping for Christmas trees (don’t you shop in formal wear??)2017-01-03_0017School programs with serious kids2017-01-03_0015 2017-01-03_0018Lots of fun with grandparents!2017-01-03_0005Some first Christmases2017-01-03_0003Matching PJs, matching dolls…2017-01-03_0004And my favorite Christmas pageant. Moment to remember: sweet little angel eagerly waving to her cousin the sheep!2017-01-03_0014 2017-01-03_0008 2017-01-03_0006 Oh, and “Once in Royal David’s City”. That is one brave kid!2017-01-03_0007Cookies and letters to Santa.2017-01-03_0012 2017-01-03_0010

Oh, did you know that Santa RECYCLES?? He does! That is why we left him a big bag of toys to pass on to other kids who could use them!! 🙂2017-01-03_0011And we had some very happy kids!

2017-01-03_00212017-01-03_0013Many Christmases we have one thing that stands out. Like the year that Drew stated in awe, “I was good?!”, or the year that Kaitlyn walked across the room for the first time. These are the things that live on in family lore.

This year for me it will be Hannah asking Santa for a wishing well. I honestly think this was the smartest thing that any of my kids have ever asked Santa for. I mean, come on, the gift that keeps on giving. And she was so earnestly sweet about it. She already had some of her wishes planned out as things to help me, or things to bring joy to her siblings. Her frequent discourse on the great things she would do with her wishing well brought tears to my eyes several times.

Santa left her a note in this little wishing well telling her that she has been so good, but that he is not allowed to give away magic. I was so worried that she would be crestfallen, but she was THRILLED to get a letter from Santa!! Sweet, sweet girl.

It was truly the most wonderful time of the year.

Happy New Year!!


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  1. Aunt Sandy says:

    What wonderful memories you will carry on for the coming years. I loved all the pictures and events the children were involved in. Happy New Year!

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