Halloween 2015

Better late than never. It was a fantastic October with my bunch!

This was our last “first” holiday with Kai, and it is safe to say he LOVED it! He was so fun when I explained to him what we would be doing. He looked at me in awe that everyone in the neighborhood would be giving him candy.

I thought we would have to slow down a bit for him to keep up, but he was running from house to house as fast as his little feet would take him.

We celebrated as much as we possibly could this month (we needed to make up for missing Halloween last year).

So much fun.2015-11-11_0006 2015-11-11_0005 2015-11-11_0007


2015-11-11_00132015-11-11_0008 2015-11-11_0002 2015-11-11_0003



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