Celebrating Kai

This was a big weekend for our sweet boy.  First of all, he turned 3!

It is such a gift to us that we have pictures of each of his birthdays.2015-02-16_0007


He totally “got it” that it was his birthday. He was asking for weeks if his birthday was coming soon.

He told us things that he wanted for his birthday, and requested pizza. It was so fun being able to meet all of his 3 year old requests.2015-02-16_0002

The day after his birthday we celebrated his baptism.2015-02-16_0004


Zac and Drew and my dad all participated in the service, making it that much more special.

Kai was fantastic. Charming as always.2015-02-17_0001

We were so happy to be surrounded by so many of our favorite friends and family.2015-02-16_0008

After church we celebrated with a true party. He didn’t know how to blow out his candles, which gave us all a good laugh.2015-02-16_0005

He quickly got into the idea of presents though.  With each one he opened he looked at me and said, “for me!!”2015-02-16_0006

2015-02-17_0002I think this little guy loved being the center of attention this weekend. The saddest point came at the end of the party when he asked, “Kai’s birthday is coming soon?.” I told him that no, his birthday was over now. Oh how I broke his heart.

Happy birthday, our precious boy!  We love you like crazy!!!!


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3 Responses to Celebrating Kai

  1. Lisa Grogan says:

    Emily & Jeff-
    Thank you so much for sharing your sweet family, love & blessings! I always look forward to reading your blogs! Hope you all are well!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Catching up on your blog. Such a sweet birthday boy!!!

  3. Ryan YONGSHENG says:

    Thank Emily & Jeff so much for what you have done to Kai. Looks he had a wonderful birthday.

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