Medical Check- Check!

Yesterday Kai had to have his required medical check up.  It was a vastly different experience from three years ago, when we were packed like sardines down different hallways and had no idea what was happening. The new medical facility was clean and efficient.  We met a number of other adoptive families while we were waiting.  It was an altogether painless experience (minus Kai’s first blood draw.  Ouch!)2014-11-02_0001Yesterday afternoon we went to Shamian Island, where we loved spending time during our last trip. It was a bitter sweet visit. Many of the shop owners that we loved are no longer on the island, due to lack of business.  We still had fun wandering around the gorgeous little town.

On the island the boys were movie stars, once again.  This is NOT their favorite thing about China, but it makes us laugh! 🙂

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4 Responses to Medical Check- Check!

  1. Marjorie says:

    that is so funny. your kids draw a crowd. lol your boys are good sports.

  2. Emily says:

    Yay for a much better medical facility! 🙂

  3. Karson Beaty says:

    I agree with Emily! Yay for that! Also, I always LOVE the videos you post! Of course, I love the photos and Em, your blog posts are always beautifully written, too. You help us all to really understand what this journey is like, and I’m thankful that you share the tough parts, too. You should really write a book! Or you could just use all your blog posts for a book (or two ~ ha!). You definitely have a gift. The videos are great because it’s always so nice to hear all of your voices! I especially loved this one! Zac seems like a pro since this is his second time being a “movie star!” It seems to help him that he has Drew with him this time, though. They really are such great sports! I could just see and even feel Zac cringing inside when the lady rubbed his cheek. Haha! Poor Z! I know I’m responding to this after you’re back home, but I wanted to go back and read all your posts again so I could comment on some of them. I hope you all know that even though we don’t see each other nearly enough (that’s an understatement!), I still love each of you more than you may ever know! I’m already in love with sweet Kai, too. I REALLY hope I can see you all soon, and meet Kai soon as well! I think the kids will like it if we get together because I have a couple of bags of gifts for them for the various holidays, birthdays, etc. since I keep forgetting to bring them to you. Haha! Welcome home, Hilimire Family! Each of you is right where you are supposed to be ~ in your very special family filled with so much LOVE and JOY!! I love and miss you all!

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