The Great Wall 2014

We had a wonderful first day in China.  The air is thick with smog, but we still enjoyed our climb on the Great Wall.  It is a challenging climb, with stairs of all varying heights the entire way, but it is an awesome and incredible experience.  So glad I got to share it with some of my favorite guys.

2014-10-23_0004 2014-10-23_0005


2014-10-23_00032014-10-23_00022014-10-23_0007After our Great Wall adventure we were taken to the largest Jade factory in Beijing.  We enjoyed seeing intricate pieces of art and jewelry made out of jade, and we watched some of the artists carefully carving pieces.2014-10-23_0001Tomorrow morning we will go visit Little Flower for the day, and meet our boy.  My stomach has fairly constant butterflies now!


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  1. Kelleyn says:

    Great Photos Emily!

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