Good-bye Summer!

Here it is, the bitter end of summer. ūüôĀ


I love summer so so much.  I love the long days.  I love not rushing in the morning.  Actually, I love the not rushing most of the time.  I love being able to lay around and snuggle my kiddos in the morning.


I love us all being together.

I love spending time swimming, bike riding, playing outside.

Swim meets.  Tennis practice.  Neighborhood Fun. Best friends.


I love having the time to sit and read and play games with the kids.


I love going to the mountains.


Time. ¬†That is what it all comes down to. ¬†Time for the zoo. ¬†Time for the Children’s Museum.


Time to teach kids how to swim and how to ride a bike without training wheels. ¬†Time for vacation. ¬†Time for rest. ¬†Time to say, “yes, we can do that today”.



At least we have an upcoming trip to China to ease the pain.  Next summer should be a definite adventure!


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