“I wish I was your only honey”

Last night as I was putting K to bed, she said, “I wish I was your only honey.” Oh, pain through my heart!  I know this is a normal emotion for a child to feel, but it is the first time I have ever heard one of my children express something like this.

We talked for a few minutes and I asked her, “Are you a little worried about having a new little brother?”  She said yes she was because after he comes no one will play with her any more.  Again, normal emotions.  Just not a normal experience for me with MY children.

I told her that I thought it might be a good idea to have a family meeting today so that she could talk to everyone about her feelings.  I thought maybe her big brothers could give her some encouragement since they have been through this a time or two.  She agreed that that sounded like a good idea, and feel asleep clinging to me tightly.

When I went downstairs I told the boys that K was feeling worried that after their little brother comes that no one will play with her.  Z immediately said, “Well that’s not true. Hannah will.”  Umm, not exactly the encouragement I was looking for.  Then he said, “Don’t worry,  I can talk to her.  I’ve got experience.”  Okay, glad we had this talk.

D, in his way just took in this conversation.  Then you could see those light bulbs go off and he said, “Oh, I get it.  She is afraid she is going to be forgotten.”

My dear girl, you could never be forgotten.


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  1. Awe…such a bittersweet story that will have a happy outcome. M went though a lot when we adopted K.

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