2nd Grade Homework

I was just working on packing up everyone’s backpacks, when I happened to look at Z’s homework.  Usually I oversee his homework a little bit, but he did this one without me. At first glace it looks like a standard list of (slightly messy) second grade definitions.

I’m glad I actually read them, however.  Although he did a decent job, I’m pretty positive these definitions didn’t come from a dictionary.

Why did he have to go and define “mother” like that?  Now I feel bad that I have to go wake him up to re-do his homework…

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6 Responses to 2nd Grade Homework

  1. Kelly B says:

    Em, these are PRICELESS! Regardless of what he does with the other words, I believe his definition of mother should stay just as it is!

  2. Megan Powell says:


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