My Wonderful Husband

I have a wonderful husband.  Like a really, truly, fantastically wonderful husband.  He is incredibly thoughtful and giving.  This Christmas, he really outdid himself for me.

Let me back up. Since we were first thinking about adopting from China, I have been reading various blogs of other adoptive families.  There are a few blogs that I continue to read faithfully.  The blogs that are currently my favorite are the few that mix two of my favorite passions; adoption from China and photography.  Since K was a baby, I have been diligently working to become a better photographer.  As I watch my children grow so quickly, I have a deep desire to capture as many moments as humanly possible.

So, one of my favorite blogs is: The Long Road to China.  The woman who writes this blog, Lisa, is a mom of 3 kids, one from China, and a FANTASTIC photographer.  I have been taking some online classes from Lisa over the last few months, which  has been great!

So, one of the great things about Lisa is that she donates a portion of her proceeds to benefit orphans in China.  Here is a section from her blog:

“Through this project “Visions of Hope” my passion for photography and adoption will be brought together. I will teach others about photography and how to use their cameras to capture those special moments and then donate a portion of the proceeds from these classes to Half The Sky which will ultimately benefit the children that are still residing in orphanages throughout China.”

So, that lets you know a little bit about the wonderful person that Lisa is, and if you know me, why I have loved getting to know her a little bit.

For Christmas Lisa and a few other adoptive moms  did a fund raiser to raise money for different organizations in China.  One thing that Lisa donated was a weekend with her, learning photography.

I have never wanted to win a contest so badly.  I entered myself multiple times.  I made Jeff enter.  I begged my mother and my siblings to enter.  Of course I knew it was a long shot, but I was still disappointed when I didn’t win (although she raised a good bit of money for orphans in China, so who can feel disappointed about that? 🙂 ).

After the contest, my wonderful husband contacted Lisa, and told her how badly I had wanted to win, and asked if there was any possibility that she would offer another weekend class that he could give me for Christmas.  She said yes; so I am headed to meet her for a weekend in April! 😉

I can’t remember being so excited about a gift.  I think I was jumping and screaming.  I know that Z said that I was acting like a little kid.  The smile did not leave my face for days. 🙂

So, thank you to my wonderful husband.  I love that you know me so well, and that you made this happen for me. 🙂  Thank you, Lisa.  I can’t wait to start sharing my new and improved pictures!

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3 Responses to My Wonderful Husband

  1. Amy says:

    Aww, how sweet of Jeff! I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time in April. Your photography skills are awesome and I can’t wait to see your learning a after your class! I just hope you blog about what you learned too! 😉

  2. ehilimire says:

    Amy, that is my plan! 🙂

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