Love Without Boundaries

Since we started the process to adopt from China, I have read everything that I can get my hands on about orphans in China.  I have been so happy to learn about several organizations that are doing wonderful things to help provide formula, medical care, etc., for these dear babies.  One organization that I have been particularly drawn to is Love Without Boundaries. After leaving China, there was definitely a feeling of needing to do more.  Through Love Without Boundaries, we have helped sponsor two sweet girls.

This is Eileen. She is currently living in a foster home in China, and she was born with cleft lip/ cleft palate.  We get a detailed monthly update on Eileen, as well as pictures. We pray that her family is out there, and will come soon to take her to her forever home.

Love Without Boundaries is doing an easy fundraiser during Lent.  Our family will be participating.  I hope yours will too!

Love Without Boundaries Foundation

For those who observe the season of Lent and would like to help orphaned children, we are raising funds for formula in our four healing homes. We had several groups ask us to put together a campaign for Lent to collect spare change this season to help feed babies in need.

You can visit this link for more information, including a label to print out and affix to a jar or can for coin collection. Thank you!

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