To the random woman in the lobby

Today the boys had their annual check up.  I had a conversation in the lobby with a woman that went something like this,

Random woman in lobby- “Are those your boys?  Are they twins?”

Me-  “No, they are actually 2 years apart, they just happen to be the same size.”

Woman, looking skeptical- “Oh.  I wondered. You have more kids?”

Me: ” Yes.  We actually have 2 girls at home too.”

Woman, looking at me in disgust-  “YOU birthed FOUR kids?!”

Me:  “Well, actually our last one is adopted.  We just brought her home from China last October.”

Woman, now looking at me like I am insane:  “You CRAZY!”

Me:  Laugh

Woman, continuing looks of disgust, “I am serious.  You are CRAZY.  You had three little kids, and then you CHOSE to make your life harder.  You know that song, ‘I’m no Superman’?  You need to let your husband listen to that”.

At that, I broke myself away.  I wish that I had been quick enough to come up with a good reply, but later I thought that I should have told her something that I heard from another adoptive mom, “If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart”.  That about covers it.

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6 Responses to To the random woman in the lobby

  1. Amy says:

    Some people just don’t get it, and really shouldn’t open their mouth to speak when they have no clue. This lady definitely wasn’t worth your time.

    Z, D, K, and H are so lucky to have you and J as parents, and from the way you write about them, I know you feel the same about having them as your children. 🙂

  2. ehilimire says:

    Thanks, Amy. 🙂

  3. Sarah B says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how uninhibited some people can be about butting into a perfect stranger’s business! For sure, I am in awe that you are able to manage your family with 4 kids. Two is enough work for me! But far be it from me to suggest to anyone else how many kids THEY should have.

    I love that response about how full your heart is. Next time, it will be on the tip of your tongue!

  4. ehilimire says:

    THanks, Sarah. And come on, you have 2 kids and a law career, you are a superwoman! 🙂

  5. Tish says:

    I can relate to the comment from a perfect stranger ~~ I’ve had them go into details about what methods of birth control work ~~ I just smile and tell them that God planned all of my children. Works every time. Hugs to you and Jeff.

  6. Heather Bare says:

    People are bold in what they say. I love your last line, though. I am going to try and memorize this for when I get my next comment… (having 3 BOYS and in the process of adopting a little China girl). And by the way, we switched to CCAI….can’t wait!!

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