2 Months Home and Wow!

This morning I decided to take Hannah to our “measuring wall”.  I figured I would see some growth, but I was shocked!

She is still eating nonstop, which makes a little more sense now.  Her body has needed all that fuel!

She has just slid right into our family like she has been here forever.  We are so excited to celebrate this holiday with our very full house. 🙂


Happy Holidays!!

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4 Responses to 2 Months Home and Wow!

  1. Katie C says:

    Holy growth spurt! Glad Hana’s had such an easy transition into your family. Bet it’s getting hard to remember life without her!

  2. Lori M. says:

    Wow is right! Our D and I are sitting here looking at your beautiful family. Merry Christmas sweet friend!

  3. Maggie Buerger says:

    Your children are beautiful. Merry Christmas ya’ll.

  4. lynnage says:

    they are ALL just beautiful!

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