Needless delay…

I know everyone makes mistakes.  Ordinarily I try to be very understanding and forgiving when others make honest mistakes, knowing how frequently it happens to me.  Today though, I am not in the mood to be understanding.

My agency made a mistake.  They “accidentally” didn’t send our paperwork to the embassy in China 2 1/2 weeks ago.  I didn’t know this, so I have been happily crossing off the days on the calendar knowing that today we would be officially waiting for our Travel Approval from China.

When I didn’t hear anything by today, I e-mailed my agency to find out the situation, and they admitted that they had not forwarded on my paperwork until this past Wednesday.  Now I have to wait another 2 weeks until we move on to waiting for our Travel Approval.  2 weeks is not the end of the world., I know this.  But my heart, my kids here, and my dear girl in China have been waiting long enough!  To have to wait a pointless 2 weeks at this point is breaking my heart.

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3 Responses to Needless delay…

  1. Mary Evelyn says:

    !!! I hear you.

  2. Gary Charles says:

    Sorry for the needless delay and hope the time will pass quickly

  3. Gillian says:

    Oh, that is so frustrating!!! I a’m so sorry to hear you have to wait longer to hold your sweet girl. Will pray it goes quicker than you’d expect.

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