My Baby Went to Camp

All 3 kids are in camp this week.  All. 3. Kids.  I have been really looking forward to this week as a time to get busy on my very long to do list before we go to China, and before grandparents come stay in our house for those two weeks.  There is just one problem; sweet K.

Their camp is at the preschool where K will start attending 2 days a week this fall.  I thought the camp would be a good  chance for her to get used to the basic preschool routine.  I knew it might be hard, but I tried to brace myself.

Yesterday, in the car on the way she told me several times that she was scared. 🙁  It is such a blessing to have  a fairly verbal two year old, but oh, stab in the heart.  When we got there, her teacher took her from me, and the sobs began.  I stood in the hallway, hoping that she would stop crying quickly.  She didn’t, which is when my own tears began.  It was hard for each of the boys, and for me, when they first went to preschool.  Somehow I thought it would be easier doing it for the third time, but nope.  New child, fresh pain.

One of Z’s teachers caught me this morning (as I was standing outside the door listening to her cry, “I want my Mommy!!!”).  She told me that she saw K yesterday and she looked up at her and said, “Do you know where my Mommy is?”.    She said she assured her that I would be back soon, and she then asked, “Do you know where my brothers is?”.  She said she then went to get D, and brought him in to give K a big brother hug.  She got teary herself telling me how obvious it is that my kids love each other so much.  I absolutely agree with that, and I do feel so blessed with the relationship that they all have.  She assured me that if she saw K having a hard time today that she would happily bring one of her brothers to her.  That gave me the strength to tear myself away and head home.  I know they will take good care of her…

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3 Responses to My Baby Went to Camp

  1. Cristi Zayas says:

    What an absolutely stunning picture of Kaitlyn!! I love the picture of Zac and Drew also — it captures them both so well!!

  2. Katie Reeder says:

    Sniffle, sniffle! Sweet post and beautiful pics. Hope you enjoy some moments of “freedom” this week as you prepare for China!

  3. Kelly B says:

    The pain of separation – while it’s hard at every age, I believe this age is the worst! Be strong!

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