Yesterday, my husband, Z, and I went to a local travel clinic and got our shots for China!!  It was really fun to be doing something to actually prepare for our trip, besides just sitting here and thinking about it. 🙂 (Well, you know, as fun as shots can be 🙂 ).

Z was beyond scared about the one shot that he had to have (Typhoid).  He spent the morning crying on and off, and even told me at one point that he would just let D go to China instead, and he would stay home.  This guy really wants to go with us, so I knew he was serious!

My husband and I got our shots first (2 for me, and 3 for him), so that Z could watch.  Then he sat in my lap for his.  At the last minute, he had a complete panic breakdown.  He was grabbing his arm, crying, and yelling, “no no no!”.  It was heartbreaking.  The nurse gave him a little pinwheel to blow as hard as he could.  He took that seriously, and through his tears he blew and blew.  When the nurse stood up, he said, “What?  You didn’t even touch me!”.  He was shocked, and truly never knew that she gave him the shot. 🙂

On the way home, Z said, “Now I’m not afraid of ANYTHING!”.  I said, “That is so great!!”.  He said, “Yep.  I conquered my fear of coyotes, and now this!”.  It was a great day to be 6! 🙂

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  1. Kemie says:

    I missed “My Kid Circus” fix while we were at the beach. So glad to catch up! (I didn’t know Zac was afraid of coyotes.)

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