We hit a few milestones at our house in the past week.  For one thing, the tooth fairy came for a visit.  TWICE!!  Mr.Z is now in the adorable stage of  no front teeth.  I love it!

Our next milestone is Miss K has started potty training!  I have known she was ready for a while.  She knows when she needs to go.  She knows what to do.  She just doesn’t want to.  Finally, we got into a stand off the other day.

Me:  K, I know you need to go potty.  Let’s go now.

K:  No.  Put diaper on.

Me:  No, let’s use the potty.



K:  DIAPER!!!!!!

It went on like this for a little while.  I have always heard that girls are easier to potty train than boys are, but I don’t think whoever said that had a girl with a will as strong as K’s.  So, we were at a standstill.  That was when I decided that I was just not going to put a diaper on her for the next few days.  She is going commando.  We have had a few accidents, but she really doesn’t like that, so she is accepting the idea of the potty.  She might still have some tricks up her sleeve though.  We will see…

(K jumping on her big girl bed!)

Unfortunately, there is no milestone to report on the adoption.  We are now on day 45 of the wait for the letter of approval that we are waiting for from China.  The wait is just excruciating.  This stage has taken so long that it is unlikely that we could travel before September.  It is really hard for me to put that in writing.  Several months ago I thought that we would absolutely be traveling this summer.  Then things have just dragged out and dragged out.  Please keep sending us good thoughts and prayers!  We want our girl!!!

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  1. Mary Evelyn says:

    We love you guys. You’re in our prayers.

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