Well, Z is grounded.  Here is how it started:

Z was sitting at the counter playing with some play money.  I innocently said, “Oh, where did you get that?”.  Z then got quiet, and I saw the look that told me in no uncertain terms that he should not have that money.  I waited.  He told me that he got it at school.  After further questioning, he told me that he took it out of a cabinet that he wasn’t supposed to be in.  Great.

He seemed surprised when I pointed out that this was stealing.  At this point I went a little easy on him.  I told him that if he wanted to keep it then he had to ask his teacher if it was okay.  Otherwise, I told him, he had to put it back where he got it.  He reluctantly put it back in his bag.

So when I picked him up from school I asked him how it went.  He very happily told me, “Oh, it went great.  I tricked my teacher”.  I knew this wasn’t going to be good.  He then tells me that his teacher asked him if the money came from the classroom, but he just continued insisting that it didn’t. He thought the problem was then solved.

He saw that it wasn’t when I parked the car.  We walked back in to school, and I stood there while he apologized to his teacher for 1) stealing, and 2) lying. Yikes.

Still, at this point I put it behind us.

Then, yesterday I happened to ride in the back of the van next to him.  What do I see in his car seat cup holder, but more play money.  We were not alone in the car, so I wasn’t able to say everything I wanted to say, but I’m pretty sure my face turned purple.

So today I suffered humiliation along with him AGAIN, as I walked him into school to confess to the teacher.  Again.

Now he is grounded.  In 5 year old terms, this means that he is not allowed to watch television.  This is a harsh punishment to him.  Unfortunately, he is the only one who wants to watch T.V. on any given afternoon, so I had to kind of push my little guy into sitting on the couch and watching a show, just for the purpose of making Z “miss out” on it. Just admitting that makes me realize what ridiculous parenting that was.  Oh well.  Anyway, I think I am looking forward to this incident being over more than he is.  Although I’m thinking I better go check out his nightstand drawers…

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