Yesterday I took the kids to have their pictures taken.  As has been the case EVERY time that I have done this, it was a nightmare!!  My main purpose in taking the pictures was to get some good “1 year” pictures of K.  Well, she is right in the middle of the stranger anxiety stage, which was a major problem when I wanted her to sit down and smile while a STRANGER put a big camera in her face.  Not good.  She screamed, she cried.  She refused to stay on the picture mat.  Oy.

I tried bribing the boys with ice cream afterwards if they did a good job.  Well, the promise of ice cream was long forgotten when they had the immediate gratification of repeatedly spinning the stool they were supposed to be sitting on.  Oh, it was really fun to run around also.  And just forget following simple directions like, “sit down next to your sister”, or “smile”.  The photographer might as well have been speaking a foreign language.

We didn’t get any ice cream.

Of course, I am a mom.  I got sucked in and bought way too many pictures.  I really don’t know why.

Anyway, here is a little picture of what I was dealing with:

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