The Evolution of a Genius

I know a lot of people think their first children are  smart.  We have always suspected that Z was pretty smart, but now I will share with you the reasons why we believe he is actually a genius.

It all started when he was just barely walking.  He couldn’t yet speak, but his favorite book was “Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you See?”.  Anyway, one day we were telling someone that was his favorite book, and the second he heard us say “Brown Bear”, he waddled back to his room as quickly as possible, and waddled back to us carrying the book.  I know.  Crazy. 🙂

So, the next evidence we got was when Z was about a year and a half.  We were at the beach, and my husband was wearing a Nike t-shirt.  We were just walking around and Z put his hand on his shirt, looked at his dad, and said “Nike”.  He pronounced it like “bike”, but still.  Pretty advanced reading for an 18-month old.

So, that definitely set the stage and brings us to 5 year old Z.  In general, he tends to be a deep thinker, and asks great questions.  One day, he said to me, “Mommy, where did God come from?”.  I reply with, “That is a great question.  What do you think?”  He considers it carefully and then says, “I think a long long time ago there was nothing there.  Then there was a big explosion and then there were stars and planets and everything.  And God was there in the kaboom”.  So, maybe his theory was slightly different, but yes, he basically came up with the Big Bang Theory.

Clearly, a genius.

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