Trial and error

The little guy finally fell asleep

So, no new revelations in keeping this guy in bed.  This picture is after a night with Daddy doing bed-time.  As you can see, he is not much more successful than I am, but we decided that if he falls asleep in the hall that is FINE!  At least he is sleeping!! 🙂

One night last week, I stood by his room holding the door closed while I repeatedly told him, “It is night-night time.  Go to bed!”  He was not upset by this at all, but just continued playing.  Apparently he has more endurance than I do, however.  When I finally thought he was asleep, I quietly stepped away, and when I was happily half way down the stairs I see his cute little face popping out of the door.  Arg.

So, the next day I had an inspiration.  I told my husband that if we put a lock on the outside of the door like we have on our pantry, then we can lock and unlock the door from the outside, and he will be locked in.  Not ideal for me, but hey, I am ready to try anything!  So, my husband quickly got the lock and began installing it.  The little guy kept saying, “what you doing Daddy??”, and we told him we were locking the door since he would not stay in his room.

Well, it took probably 10 minutes or so for my husband to take off the doorknob and install the child safety lock.  It took probably 10 seconds for him to  open the door anyway.  He is driven, I have to give him that.

I always thought that parents were joking when they said that they got all of their gray hair from their children.  Now I understand that it is the truth!!  I can no longer yank them out of my head fast enough.  I’m afraid that most of them are coming from this dear little boy. 🙂


Okay, I am hesitant to mention it because I’m afraid it takes my parenting skills into question, but I feel like I have to add that my dear sister-in-law put him to bed for the last 2 nights with no problem.  I’m still not sure whether to scream or beg her to move in.  (I’ll go with that one.  PLEASE move in with us??)

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4 Responses to Trial and error

  1. mom says:

    Talk about one picture saying it all! You are wonderfully patient and loving in the way you see the humor in all of this. A year from now, you will be thinking….what?

  2. Maybe we're missing something here. Looks like he just wants to move his room to the top of the stairs! So maybe we should put him in the laundry room at the top of the stairs. Plus that door locks from the outside 😉 J/K, jeesh.

  3. Jenni says:

    Hey Emily – we went through this with David. Instead of installing a child safety lock we just turned the door knob around. Now all of our kids doors can be locked from the outside. (In high school I babysat for twins whose mom insisted I locked them in and I thought it was the worst thing in the world! Different perspective!) We only ended up locking the door for two nights and David got the message. Be careful w/him sleeping by the steps – David rolled dangerously close to the edge one night. Good Luck!

  4. ehilimire says:

    Thanks, Jenni. Several people have suggested that trick. I think it is next on our list. 🙂 (And don’t worry, we are not regularly allowing him to sleep by the stairs!)

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