20 Years Ago Today

In a confession that will make me feel pretty old (or at least like a real grown-up), I will say that my husband and I went on our first date 20 years ago today.

It was our junior year of high school, and we had been good friends for a while.  We were such good friends that  before the night I wasn’t positive that it was a date, but I quickly became sure that it was.

What I remember most is laughing and laughing, something that my husband still does for me.  He is the happiest, funniest person that I know, and his joy is contagious.

That night, I remember sitting on my couch after he left just thinking, “That was so much fun.  SO much fun!”.  He has kept my life fun ever since. 🙂

Our first movie

"Our restaurant" that is long gone...

Love you!!

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