2nd Cardiologist Visit

Last week we went for Hannah’s 6 month visit to the cardiologist.  I was pretty nervous leading up to this appointment.  At our last appointment we were told that at any point her heart could start to enlarge due to her leaky pulmonary valve, and at that point we will have to do surgery.

The good news is that that time is not here yet!  Her EKG was basically unchanged from 6 months ago, and she is doing great!  In fact, we don’t even have to go back for a check-up for a year!!  Woo-hoo!

Several people have asked me what the valve will eventually be replaced with.  I didn’t know the answer to this, so I asked while we were there.  Apparently it will be replaced with either a bovine valve or a donated human valve.  So there you go. 🙂  So glad that our sweet girl will be able to do a little more growing before she has to have another surgery.


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3 Responses to 2nd Cardiologist Visit

  1. Betsy Skelton says:

    I have a mechanical heart valve that was put in when I was 22. I would be glad to talk to you about my experience if you are interested. Doctors can do amazing things these day!

    Betsy Skelton (my husband Al works at Engauge)

  2. Lori says:

    Tears of joy!

  3. Megan Powell says:

    Hannah is looking is sooo big. I cannot believe how fast our baby girls are growing! I am happy for her that she is staying stable with no change. My mom just had a valve replaced a few months ago, and it was with a cow. She was told it would be a pig, but it ended up being a cow. It wasn’t fun for her, so I am glad that it isn’t something you have to think about for another year.

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