A rock and a hard place

Well, our agency told us today that we will not be able to travel next week because they were not able to get our Consulate Appointment.  I am majorly disappointed.  Here are our 2 options:

Option 1:  The US Consulate assigned us an appointment date of Oct. 17.  Working backwards from this date, we would then be leaving on October 5.  We would have 3 days of touring in Beijing, followed by a week in Henan, where we will get Hannah Min, and then some time in Guangzhou, in the South of China, where the US Consulate is located.

PROBLEMS WITH OPTION 1: a)We will have to wait 4 weeks to travel.  b) October 1-7 is a major holiday in China, so we will be trying to visit the Great Wall and other sites in Beijing during peak tourist times.  In a country as populated as China, this is not a small detail.  c)The tail end of the trip will be during a major trade fare in Guangzhou.  Hotels are at least triple the price.  Many agencies don’t even let people travel during this time because it can be so crowded.

Option 2: The Consulate is open 1 day during the holidays, on October 6.  They will let us travel, leaving September 21, and returning October 8.  The good news is, we could meet Hannah 2 weeks earlier.

PROBLEMS WITH OPTION 2: a) The trip would have to be 3 to 4 days longer.  We are leaving D and K at home, so this is a major detail to me.  b)  We would essentially be ON OUR OWN from Oct. 1-6, without the benefit of our guide and planned excursions and activities.  I’m not sure that I am that brave. c) We will still have to pay hugely expensive hotel prices due to being in China during the holiday.

ARG!!  This is a bit difficult to swallow.  I am planning to call the Consulate myself and BEG for a late September appointment, but that is definitely a long shot.

If anyone reading this has traveled to China during China’s National Holiday, or during Guangzhou’s Canton Trade Fare, I would love to hear your input!!

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  1. Laurie says:

    We may never know the reason for all this difficulty, but there must be one. Of course, I have no advice about all this. I will be praying for you about your decisions and timing, that God will guide you and provide everything you need whichever schedule you are on. The day is coming very soon! She’ll be home in Atlanta!

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