Hannah Min

Hannah Min.  That will be Min Han’s new name.  🙂 We had a few factors that helped us decide this.  1) My mom dreamed of our little girl named “Hannah Min”.  I liked that.  2)  “Hannah Min” incorporates her entire Chinese name, just changing the order.  Doing this, I feel like she is able to maintain something that she was given in China.  Adopted children lose so much of their history, so I want her to easily see where her name was derived.  3)  Many people suggested we name her “Grace”.  We do love that name, but it is already Miss K’s middle name.  But guess what?  “Hannah” MEANS “grace”! 🙂  In the Chinese culture, the meaning of a name is extremely important.  Although for my other children I did not give more than a passing thought to what their names meant, in this case I did want her name to have a strong meaning.  It doesn’t get much better than grace!

Z has accepted the name Hannah, although says that he still wants to call her “Min”.  Fine by me!

This is how it went with D, however;

Me: “D, what do you think about the name, “Hannah?”

D:  After a deep, thoughtful pause; “Ummm, good. I’m going to call her Lindsey”.  Well, there you go.  She will be a child with many names.

I was fortunate enough to be directed to a blog written by a college student who worked in several of the Henan orphanages last summer.  I knew she visited Hannah’s orphanage shortly after she got there, so I asked her if she perhaps met her.  She was so friendly and informative, and sent me a picture that she thinks is her.  We think so too. 🙂  What a gift to have a picture that predates the ones that we have been given from our agency!

Here it is.  Obviously, she is the one without the cleft lip.  (Lower right , holding the wash cloth).  Many of the children up for adoption in China have cleft lip and palate; something so easily corrected here in the United States that we rarely even notice it…

Can’t wait to get that girl in my arms!!!

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  1. Pat Shaver says:

    We will just call her loved!

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