Making progress…

I am so happy looking at this pile.  Each piece of paper there represents a good amount of labor.  For each one I had to apply for official copies, have them notarized, take them to the county to certify that the notary was in fact a notary, and then take them to the Secretary of State to have them seal them.  Each one was time in line, time waiting and waiting.  Now I can look at these documents and feel that we are that much closer to our little girl.

We are now waiting for our clearance from U.S. immigration.  After we have that piece of paper, I will go through the same sealing process.  Then ALL of these papers have to go to the Chinese Consolate to be authenticated.When that happens, our “dossier” goes to China, and we celebrate!!!

Ever since we have seen that sweet face, the waiting has been hard.  We all talk about her all the time, and can’t wait until she is here with us!

We are getting closer on a name.  I will keep you posted!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!! 🙂

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