So, it has started.  Mr. Z, at 5 years old has decided he is smarter than his parents.  In fact, sitting at dinner the other night he just looked up at Jeff and stated, “Daddy, I’m smarter than you”.  Jeff looked at me and laughed, and challenged him, saying, “Oh yeah.  Tell me something I don’t know”.  Without missing a beat, Z says, “A spider is not an insect.  That is because spiders have 8 legs”. Ha ha!  🙂

He tried stumping me this morning, but since I am usually the one reading him the “Magic School Bus” books, we seemed to be tied on random science facts.  I guess it won’t be long.  I thought we could keep our children convinced that we knew everything at least until Kindergarten, but no such luck I guess. 🙂

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