A “good” baby

So, having a new baby in the house is crazy and wonderful, for sure.  But, as she has now met many of our friends and neighbors, I have found that the most common question that I am asked by these people is, “is she a good baby?”  Now, what on earth does that really mean??  She is 8 weeks old now.  She cries well.  She sleeps sometimes.  She poops pretty well.  What answer are they looking for?  I should respond with what I am actually thinking, “well, I love her to death but she cries 95% of her waking time and if I don’t get some sleep soon I think I am going to start hallucinating??”  That would be the truth.

I really do love having a baby in the house again.  My boys are 2 and 4 now, and I think I have a true appreciation now for how fast this time passes.  It  is physically exhausting having a newborn, but emotionally exhilarating.  As they get older (okay, a good bit older), it gets less physically exhausting, but more mentally challenging.  I guess it is the trying to balance all 3 of these precious children that sometimes leads to “overload”.  I am trying my best to embrace the chaos, and appreciate every day.  I think that I do a fairly good job most of the time.  And other times, I call for backup from Grandma. 🙂

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