Adoption Update

You might remember our adoption process chart:adoptionchart

We are officially on step 11.  In 2 days, however we will quickly move through step 12, and we will be waiting for our Travel Approval. That is the FINAL paperwork hurtle in this adoption before we can get on a plane to China.

It is coming soon!  I believe that we will be heading to China in 4 to 5 weeks.  (Hoping for 4, but the way these things work it is always best to be prepared that things could take longer).

We are getting ready.  Room rearranging is almost done (pics coming soon!).  We got our shots and prescriptions in hand.  Everything for our little guy is already stacked and ready to go in a suitcase.  Everyone is excited.

This trip is going to be a bit different than our last one.  A few weeks ago we found out more details about Kai’s current medical needs.  Nothing came as a surprise, exactly, but I think that I had been holding out hope that we would find out that his needs were not as severe as they could be.  After all we had a wonderful experience with Hannah, who was born with a serious heart condition that has been pretty much a non-issue since we have been home.

Not this time.  The good thing is that we are prepared.  We know in depth details about his medical needs.  We have good doctors lined up at home.  We are going to spend several days at Little Flower in Beijing so that we can learn directly from his caretakers how to do his medical procedures.  We are as prepared as we can be.

Not that this came easy for my heart.  I went through a hard couple of weeks as I came to terms with what this means for Kai, and what this will mean for our family.  I was scared thinking about being a mom spread thin, and wondering how I was going to meet the needs for each of our 5 precious blessings. I cried.  I panicked.

Then I reached out. I told all of our family exactly what to expect.  I shared some of my deepest fears with dear friends.  I talked to our pastor.  And I had a hard conversation with my children.  And an amazing thing happened.  First I had my dear Z, who listened intently to everything that I said and responded with, “He needs us SO badly, Mommy.” His unselfish response was immediately repeated by each of my children.  They helped me to remember that ultimate truth.  Kai does need us.  We are his family.

I also had incredible support and prayers from our precious family and friends. I had support from people who didn’t even know all the details who told me that they were thinking about us and praying for our child. I remembered that we are not in this alone. Not at all.  And although I hate that it will be a long road for our dear boy, I’m not scared any more.

This is the child that I prayed for for almost a year before we even held his file.  This is the child who I cried tears of thanks for when I was told that he could be ours.  This is the child that I have prepared my children’s hearts for. This is the child that God has given to us. I am forever grateful.


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  1. Paul Osborne says:

    I have been in prayer for you from the first moment I heard about your plans. Remember that God walks with you through everything, but that all your feelings are real and important. You have a huge heart, one of the biggest I have ever met. You have shared that heart with your children and they know how to love and the importance of that in all of our lives. We will call out your family’s name and Kai’s name in our daily prayers. God’s comfort be with all of you and your journey.

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